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How do I become a member?

Can I buy more than one share?

What are the benefits of being a member?

Purchase a share online for $100. One share will give you full membership to the co-op. The link to purchase shares is here.

What do I have to do as a member?

Spend $100 at the Turning Page each year to keep your membership active. Members can attend meetings, and vote on suggestions, and nominate board members.

Yes, you can own as many shares as you wish to purchase - up to 20% of the total shares offered. No member can own more than 20% of total shares, and each member is entitled to one vote at General Meetings, regardless of how many shares are owned. While holders of multiple shares don't get more votes, as a divesting co-op each shareholder would be paid dividends per share when these are available.

By supporting Australia’s only co-operative bookshop, members are helping to maintain a local cultural and literary hub which champions literacy in the community (and invests in national literacy programs). The bookshop will retain the warmth, expertise, camaraderie and existing loyalty programs which have provided such benefit to the community to date. The Co-operative may pay share dividends to members at discretion of the Board, however there is no guarantee of a financial return to members.

What happens if I purchase shares but the Co-op does not go ahead with the bookshop purchase?

If you purchase shares but these conditions listed in the prospectus (of numbers of shares sold and number of members registered) are not met by 30th June 2021, all shares will be cancelled and payments refunded within one month of wind-up.